MKV fittings on the cover

The MKV-K compression fittings from HUMMEL have made it onto the cover of the trade magazine

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NEW! 28 MKV-K sets

easy, dirt-free installation - ideal for renovation and emergency service

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Heating and drinking water solutions

For craftsmen, HUMMEL products are regarded as ideal problem solvers for everyday challenges. It’s hard to imagine the special requirements of a heating sanitation without these problem solvers. With the screw fittings and adapters, welding and threading becomes unnecessary.  Thus the work on site at the customer becomes a clean thing. In addition to the renowned problem solvers, HUMMEL also offers valves for venting and emptying.

HUMMEL AG is also a successful partner for the industry of the HVAC sector in the development and realization of customer-specific solutions. Numerous OEMs appreciate and use the know-how and experience at HUMMEL.

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