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HUMMEL AG is a renowned manufacturer of connection technology. This includes components for electrical engineering (cable glands, circular connectors, cable protection systems) as well as solutions for heating and drinking water systems. The high vertical range of manufacture with development, design, toolmaking, production, electroplating and assembly from a single source offers the best conditions for a high level of customer orientation. For 75 years, the medium-sized company has stood for quality, precision, reliability and a strong sense of service. For customers and suppliers, this means future security and reliability.

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HUMMEL has approximately 600 employees worldwide (as of 1/2022) and its headquarters is located in Denzlingen in Southern Germany and a production facility in neighboring Waldkirch. There are foreign branches in France, Great Britain, Italy, Poland, Scandinavia, Russia, China, India, South Korea and Brazil. In addition, HUMMEL AG has a global network of partners.

Management board

The Board of Directors

The Supervisory Board

Michael Nörr
Chaiman of the Board
Holger Hummel
Volker Höchel

Dr. Reinhard Volk
Deputy Chairman
Member of the supervisory board

Patrick Kemper Ferdinand Dirnhofer
Member of the supervisory board

Daniel Bontrup
Member of the supervisory board


To the best of our knowledge, our products meet all legal requirements of the current regulations. We are in close exchange with our suppliers to ensure that no substances or materials enter our production process in inadmissible concentrations.

Here you can find our declarations of conformity:

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As a reliable and high-performance business partner, HUMMEL stands for open and fair dealings with its business partners. The compilation of a supplier self-assessment is therefore a matter of course. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.



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Metal quotations

You can find the current daily quotation MS 58 1. V. here.

All cable glands and accessories made of brass are based on a brass quotation of EUR 150 per 100 kg for MS 58/1. If this quotation changes by EUR 12.50 upwards or downwards in each case, we will charge a surcharge or discount of 5% each.
The date of receipt of the order is decisive for the calculation.

All data without guarantee.

Quality & responsibility

Our products are approved in numerous countries and markets. Our management system is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and ISO 50001. 

The guarantors for our competitiveness are

  • Consistently high production quality
  • A high vertical range of manufacture, in some cases over 90%
  • Technical innovations
  • A clear sales policy
  • High flexibility, especially for special applications

We carry out internal efficiency analyses. In addition and independent of the DIN EN ISO 9001 certification, our products are approved for certain international standards and areas. This results in additional external quality audits by national and international certification bodies for our company, e.g. for ATEX products. In these as well as in internal audits, among other things, our analysis results, our quality system, product and processes as well as legal requirements are audited and the effectiveness is proven. 

We manufacture and sell standard catalog products as mass-produced goods for the electrotechnical installation sector, electronics for measuring and control technology and fittings for the heating and sanitary industry. We carry out changes in production processes or changes of sub-suppliers exclusively for the purpose of improvement and do not automatically initiate notification of all customers for standard articles.

Contracts or orders with sub-suppliers are subject to confidentiality and are not made available to third parties. 

As a manufacturing company and employer in the region, HUMMEL is aware of its social, ecological as well as economic responsibility towards its employees but also towards third parties. HUMMEL therefore supports, within the scope of its possibilities, numerous projects that harmonize with the corporate values.

HUMMEL is proud to already be able to point to a large number of environmental protection and energy-saving measures.

  • Thanks to a water treatment system, 100% of the water can be discharged into the sewage system after galvanic surface treatment.
  • The oil mist produced during machining is cleaned by a filter system and the exhaust air can be released back into the environment.
  • A heat recovery system uses the waste heat from the production machines and compressors to heat the production facilities in winter.
  • An energy-saving concept is in place for all new buildings.
  • A recycling concept is in place for the machining area. This means that the residual material can be recycled.

We are happy to convince external partners with our products and high quality standards.


HUMMEL has history

Informal and down-to-earth from the beginning

By establishing the company “Anton Hummel Metallwarenfabrik” in Alt-­Simonswald, Holger Hummel's grandfather laid the first foundations in 1948 for the modern-day HUMMEL AG. The company headquarters were relocated to Waldkirch as early as 1952. The company primarily produced moulded turned parts for everyday use, which were urgently required in post-war Germany (e.g. combination locks, cigarette lighters, pasta machines, etc.). The upswing of the economic miracle years in Germany meant that HUMMEL cracked the magic turnover mark of 1 million D-Mark in1958. 

Helmut Hummel joined the company in 1966. The milestones achieved by the second generation included the launch of plastic production (1972), patent registration of the rotating vent valve (1976) and the investment in fully automated galvanics (1987). 

In 1971, HUMMEL registered a packing gland connection for patent, which represented a quantum leap in the cable connection sector. The HUMMEL brand stood for innovative products in electro-technical connections from then on. In 1994 the company paved the way for further growth by building a logistics centre in neighbouring Denzlingen. The tight production space in Waldkirch had become far too restrictive. HUMMEL started with the production of M 23 round plug connectors in 1999. At the turn of the century, the tide started to turn for globalisation. Subsidiaries and sales branches in China, Brazil, Italy, England and India gradually developed. Over the course of time, France, Poland, Russia, South Korea, Sweden and Austria followed.

Manufacturing facilities

At home in the Black Forest - active worldwide

The company’s pronounced vertical integration encompasses in-house development, design, toolmaking, production, electroplating and assembly, and provides the basis for implementing customised requests.

HUMMEL is international, and also manufactures internationally. The smart division of work across countries and continents is strictly geared to the needs of the respective target markets. Over the years, centres of excellence have emerged in close proximity to customers and markets. This is not only economical, but also highly customer-oriented.

HUMMEL Headquarter Denzlingen

  • established in 1994
  • Approx. 350 employees
  • Design and development, Prototype construction, Tool moulding, Plastic injection moulding, Assembly (automatic and manual)

Lise-Meitner-Straße 2
79211 Denzlingen

HUMMEL Plant Waldkirch

  • established in 1948
  • 80 employees
  • Turning, Milling, Zinc die casting, Nickel plating

Mozartstraße 2
79183 Waldkirch


  • established in 2001
  • 30 employees
  • Turning, Milling, Plastic injection moulding, Assembly (manual)

HUMMEL Connector Systems Ltda.
Rua Derville Gabriel Pereira, 280
Barro Preto – Centro Empresarial Tatuí I


  • established in 1999
  • 30 employees
  • Design and development, Prototype construction, Plastic injection moulding, Turning, Milling, Assembly (manual), Housing manufacture

HUMMEL Connector Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Room 2202 Central Plaza
No.227 Huang Pi (N) Road
200003 Shanghai / P.R. China


  • established in 1880 (Jaeger)
  • 62 employees
  • Design and development, Prototype construction, Plastic injection moulding, Cable harnessing, Assembly (manual), Glass to metal sealing technology

ZI − Rue de l’Acqueline
51800 Sainte Ménéhould / France


  • established in 2008
  • 35 employees
  • Aluminium die casting, Housing manufacture, Zinc die casting, Assembly (manual)

HUMMEL Connector Systems Price Limited
307, Surya Kiran Building
19 Kasturba Gandhi Marg
New Delhi – 110001 / India


  • established in 2000
  • 40 employees
  • Cable harnessing, Housing manufacture, Assembly (manual)

Via Enrico Fermi 61
10091 Alpignano (Torino) / Italy

Social commitment

As a medium-sized company, HUMMEL AG maintains contacts with numerous social groups. The company supports social and cultural institutions as well as sports clubs that are particularly committed to youth work. The benchmark for this social commitment is always the sustainability and future viability of the projects.

Our partners and our projects:



Lise-Meitner-Straße 2
79211 Denzlingen
+49 7666 911100

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+49 7666 911100

Lise-Meitner-Straße 2
79211 Denzlingen
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