HUMMEL has history

Informal and down-to-earth from the beginning

By establishing the company “Anton Hummel Metallwarenfabrik” in Alt-­Simonswald, Holger Hummel's grandfather laid the first foundations in 1948 for the modern-day HUMMEL AG. The company headquarters were relocated to Waldkirch as early as 1952. The company primarily produced moulded turned parts for everyday use, which were urgently required in post-war Germany (e.g. combination locks, cigarette lighters, pasta machines, etc.). The upswing of the economic miracle years in Germany meant that HUMMEL cracked the magic turnover mark of 1 million D-Mark in1958. 

Helmut Hummel joined the company in 1966. The milestones achieved by the second generation included the launch of plastic production (1972), patent registration of the rotating vent valve (1976) and the investment in fully automated galvanics (1987). 

In 1971, HUMMEL registered a packing gland connection for patent, which represented a quantum leap in the cable connection sector. The HUMMEL brand stood for innovative products in electro-technical connections from then on. In 1994 the company paved the way for further growth by building a logistics centre in neighbouring Denzlingen. The tight production space in Waldkirch had become far too restrictive. HUMMEL started with the production of M 23 round plug connectors in 1999. At the turn of the century, the tide started to turn for globalisation. Subsidiaries and sales branches in China, Brazil, Italy, England and India gradually developed. Over the course of time, France, Poland and South Korea followed.