Our products are approved in numerous countries and markets. Our management system is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and ISO 50001. 

The guarantors for our competitiveness are

  • Consistently high production quality
  • A high vertical range of manufacture, in some cases over 90%
  • Technical innovations
  • A clear sales policy
  • High flexibility, especially for special applications

We carry out internal efficiency analyses. In addition and independent of the DIN EN ISO 9001 certification, our products are approved for certain international standards and areas. This results in additional external quality audits by national and international certification bodies for our company, e.g. for ATEX products. In these as well as in internal audits, among other things, our analysis results, our quality system, product and processes as well as legal requirements are audited and the effectiveness is proven. 

We manufacture and sell standard catalog products as mass-produced goods for the electrotechnical installation sector, electronics for measuring and control technology and fittings for the heating and sanitary industry. We carry out changes in production processes or changes of sub-suppliers exclusively for the purpose of improvement and do not automatically initiate notification of all customers for standard articles.

Contracts or orders with sub-suppliers are subject to confidentiality and are not made available to third parties. 

As a manufacturing company and employer in the region, HUMMEL is aware of its social, ecological as well as economic responsibility towards its employees but also towards third parties. HUMMEL therefore supports, within the scope of its possibilities, numerous projects that harmonize with the corporate values.