igus relies on cable glands from HUMMEL AG

Long lasting EMC protection

Cables, plug-in connectors and cable glands are especially required in energy chains. In their flexible application, they are exposed to very heavy loads, need to withstand heat and cold and function reliably even in dirty environmental conditions. The motion plastics specialist, igus, relies on cable glands from HUMMEL AG for its applications. The reasons: reliable EMC bonding (electromagnetic compatibility), high strain relief and ease of assembly. It is particularly important to take electromagnetic compatibility into consideration in industrial environments. Here, powerful actuators and sensitive sensors must work together without interference and in a confined space. With HUMMEL cable glands, a metallic terminal insert ensures reliable 360-degree bonding. Flexible contact fingers adapt to varying cable diameters and guarantee a long-lasting shield connection. Conventional systems become tired over time and EMC protection diminishes.  

HUMMEL also sets standards in terms of ease of assembly. Cables and cable glands can be pre-assembled and only installed, connected and fastened on site. In addition, the cable sheath can only be removed from the shielding area. This has the great benefit in that the installer always has an overview, even with larger applications.

The high strain relief is achieved by the overlapping clamping segments with a uniform 360 degree clamper. They ensure a tight fit of the moulded seal and cable. The cable glands meet protection classes IP 66, IP 68 (10 bar) and IP 69K and are free of conflict materials, halogen and phosphorus. The screw fitting is also available as an Ex-e variant for explosion-protected areas.

The cable glands from HUMMEL are used in the terminal boxes of the pre-assembled energy chain systems from igus. "Especially with these ever more complex 'readychains' including hydraulics, pneumatics and attachments, fast availability, easy processing and the highest quality standards of the screw connections are particularly important", explains Christian Stremlau, Head of the readychain & readycable business unit at igus. "With HUMMEL, we have a partner at our side who has been perfectly fulfilling these requirements for years."