Our cable glands are used in many industries. Here is a small selection of the main target industries.

Cable glands: applications

Automation & Drives

Automation has traditionally been one of the drivers of innovation. This is where the milestones are set, when it comes to transferring more and more power to an ever smaller space.

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Sensor technology

When it comes to industry 4.0, sensor technology isn't far behind. It is one of the pioneers in Factory Automation and therefore in the transmission of power, signals, and Fast Ethernet.

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Food processing technology

Food technology is typically characterized by its high hygienic requirements. Here the focus is in the choice of materials and the design of the components are temperature resistance, impermeability, and cleanability.

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Whether by water, by rail, or on the road: Transport applications must permanently resist vibrations and operate reliably. There are strict authorization guidelines and numerous certificates.

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The use of electric cars, e-bikes and e-buses is growing by leaps and bounds. The future belongs to this industry. In addition to vehicles, this also includes the entire periphery. HUMMEL offers solutions for the entire charging infrastructure.

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Precision and absolute industrial suitability – these are the challenges of electric components in robotics. Robustness and longevity are required here. 

Chemistry & Pharmaceutics

The chemical and pharmaceutical industries are subject to demanding process conditions. The systems and their components must be able to withstand high temperatures and meet special requirements for impermeability. 

Oil & Gas

Applications in the oil and gas sector place particularly high demands on machines and plants. Explosion protection and impermeability must meet the highest requirements.

Additional industries

HUMMEL products are used in many other industries. They are used wherever intelligent and reliable connection solutions are required.